One of the problems faced by our King and Queen is the vast distances of our great land.  A great deal of travel is required and due to time constraints, most will be done by air.  This severely curtails the amount of gear that can be carried.

Most of the well-established Baronies and Shires will be well aware of the requirements of a Royal visit and will have most of the items listed below.  It is appreciated, however, that manhy of the smaller and more youthful groups may never have hosted a Royal visit and therefore unaware of some of the behind-the-scenes requirements for a visit to run smoothly.

The list below contains the essential items that Their Royal Majesties would ask each group to provide during a Royal visit.

  • A Banner with the Kingdom of Lochac Device
  • Chairs for the King and Queen at court.  Any chair type, preferably with a back, will be very much appreciated.  A length of fabric thrown over the top will always hide the most mundane of chairs to perfection.
  • Something for people to kneel upon in the presence of Their Majesties.  This can be cushions, a rug or square of carpet, or any combination.
  • Book of Kingdom of Lochac Ceremonies – this should inclue ALL the ceremonies because it can be difficult to ascertain ahead of time which of the ceremonies will be required.
  • Feasting gear – plates, bowls, light and drinking vessels for the King and Queen to use at meal times.  (Cutlery generally brought by the King and Queen)
  • A room at the site that the Royalty can retire to.  This is not only for changing, resting and storage of gear, it is also for meetings and discussions.  A table, chairs, water and adequate lighting will be very much appreciated.

  with the obvious exception of the banner, none of the remaining items are required to be emblazoned with the arms of Lochac.  However, please ensure that any items made by local artisans for Their Royal Majesties to use during their visit is suitably signed by the maker in some way, so that their work may be appreciated.