Names: Sovereign Consort
Names: Thibault Nesti Jayne Hunter
Pronouns: He/Him They/He
Preferred Title: His Majesty (King)

King Sovereign if differentiation is required

His Majesty (King)

King Consort if differentiation is required.

Reign Style/Theme: Landsknecht and rainbows Landsknecht and rainbows
Home Group: Innilgard River Haven
Personal Heraldry: image.png

Azure, three owls and a chief Or

The arms of Jayne Hunter

Sable, on a chevron cotised argent three roses proper.

Preferred Colours: No strong preferences Purple/Black. Most jewel toned, bold colours
Food Preferences: All Bread, meat, vegetables, ice cream
Drink Preferences: Bourbon & Cola, Wine, Coffee white no sugar, cider. Would love to taste anything prepared by an enthusiastic member of the community, provided that it is in very small quantities. Black tea with milk, Water, soft drinks, gin with a mixer, beer, cider.
Foods to Avoid: None Nuts – Anaphylactic
Seafood, spicy food, soft cheese
Medical Needs and Allergies: None Nuts – Anaphylactic.
Back Injury – Requires chairs/thrones with a back and cushions.
Gift Notes: Owl-themed items, landsknecht-themed items, fabric, items that may be worn or otherwise incorporated into fabulous garb, items that might be useful at a feast or at war. Items that may be worn or otherwise enjoyed by Thibault’s wife or children. Please avoid large or bulky items, or gifts of alcoholic beverages Nice yarn, rose or goose themed items, drinking vessels, largesse to pass onto the populace. Avoid large and bulky items.
Duchess Engelin Teufel:
Other information/Special instructions: Thibault and Jayne are not a romantic couple and will often be travelling with partners and family including young children. Please consider this when making arrangements for High Table and accommodation. Contact Engelin for any queries relating to these arrangements.

Thibaut adores armoured combat and will take every opportunity to indulge. He loves opportunities to help other fighters, and to learn from other fighters.