Preferences / Notes to Stewards

Requirements: Both of Their Majesties are particularly fair and require solid shade for any daytime courts.

Reign Style: It is Their Majesties particularly wish that the Populace to indulge in whatever their favoured period/styles may be.  Where possible, They hope to match in with the theme of any event They may attend.

Reign Colours: Red and gold, or Lochac colours.

Names: Sovereign Consort
Regnal Names King Leofric Queen Sabine
Home Group: Saint Florian de la Riviere Saint Florian de la Riviere
Personal Heraldry: The arms of Leofric Willoughby de Broke

<Gules, a chevron inverted ermine, in chief a covered cup Or.>

The arms of Sabine du Bourbonnais

<Azure, three bees in pale Or marked sable between flaunches Or ermined azure.>

Likes: High protein, low carb meals. Meats with gravy. Cheeses, charcuterie, savoury, mushroom anything.
Dislikes: Not fond of seafood or Brussel sprouts (but not allergic). No chocolate, biscuits, cakes.  No coriander or Coffee/coffee flavoured foods.
Medical Needs and Allergies: Nil. Nil.
Drinks: Beer (malty, no IPAs).

Coffee – black or white, no sugar (but prefers tea if only instant is available)

Will happily sample any open single malt whisky!

Tea (white with one), gin and sake.
Gift Notes: Please be mindful of baggage/weight issues if Their Majesties have travelled some distance, it is terrible to receive a lovely gift and not be able to transport it.
– wool, linen, tablet woven braids/belts/trims.
Chamberlain: Baroness Philippa Wildefuhel