Reign Style: Traditional SCA Reign

Home Group: Barony of Ynys Fawr

Miriam Oze
Personal Style 14th Century French
Regnal Names Crown Princess/Queen Miriam Crown Prince/King Oze
Preferred Style Her Majesty His Majesty
Personal Heraldry The arms of Miriam de Mont Noir<Or crusily, a unicorn passant sable within a tressure vert> The arms of Guillaume d'Oze<Quarterly gules semy-de-lys Or and azure, a boar passant argent.>
Personal Colours Black/Green Red & Gold and Blue & White
Food Preferences Most foods especially mushrooms, berries , chocolate Tasty Food and Drink, please – No Nuts
Medical needs and Allergies Coeliac. Strict gluten free diet is a must. Please be careful with cross contamination. None.
Hot Beverage Preference Tea; white, no sugar. No UHT milk please Coffee; white with one sugar. No UHT milk please.
Gifts Unicorn and Boar themed. Although anything handmade is always wonderful. Small practical gifts.