Royal Preferences

Theuderic Engelin
Reign Style Migration Period Scandinavia and surrounds. Specifically Vendel (7th-8th C Sweden)
Home group Okewaite
Personal Heraldry / Symbols Cross of Burgundy, Helm of Awe, Ravens

Six Petal flower, Ravens

Preferred Colours Black/Red/White or Red/Gold
Food and Beverage Preferences Plain food – chicken, bread, veg, fruit. Coffee (not instant), craft beer, whiskey, apple juice. Fresh fruit & veg, meat. Coffee (not instant). Tea, craft beer, red wine.
Foods to Avoid Seafood, mushrooms, onion, cloves, sweet in savoury dishes, indeterminable mush. Seafood, vinegar, marzipan, syrupy drinks, instant coffee.
Medical needs and Allergies None None
Gifts Early period (Roman through to Norman, East to West) functional and handmade items that can be gifted to worthy members of the populace.
Other We have a 2 year old son who will be at most events. Please keep this in mind. Please do not post photos of him in public forums without permission.