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King Niáll Queen Sabine
Politarchopolis St Florian de la Riviere

Personal Heraldry King Niáll
Sable, three serpents involved in annulo within a bordure Or.

Personal Heraldry Queen Sabine
Azure, three bees in pale Or marked sable between flaunches Or ermined azure.



Shade for day time courts is essential
Evening courts need to be no later than 6:30 pm

Likes: low carb/high protein diet, meats with gravy
Dislikes: meat dishes that contain fruit or sweet sauces
Drinks:  coffee (black no sugar) IPA, Good rum.

Likes:  cheeses, charcuterie, savouries, mushroom anything
Dislikes:  no chocolate, biscuits or cakes. No coriander or coffee/coffee flavoured things.
Drinks:  tea (white and one), cider, port and saké

Reign Style:  Norse
Reign Colours: black, red and gold.
Gift suggestion: wool, linen, silk, tablet woven braids, belts and trims