Royal Progress

Jul 12-14 Midwinter Coronation Southron Gaard
Aug 9-11 Cold War^ Adora
Aug 10 St Florian Baronial* St Florian
Aug 17 Mad Hatter’s Feast, Stegby 10th Anniversary* River Haven
Aug 31 St Vitas Dance & Bal D’Argent^ Politarchopolis
Sep 14 William Marshall Tournament & Ball Krae Glas
Sep 28 Oakewaite 10th Anniversary^ Politarchopolis
Oct 4-7 Spring War Mordenvale
Oct 26 Battle of the Bottony Cross* St Florian
Nov 9-10 November Crown Stowe on the Wowld
Nov 23 RekkerÞing Aneala
Nov 29 – Dec 1 Fields of Gold Politarchopolis
Dec 14 Tournament of the Rising Razorback Ynys Fawr
Jan 11-12 12th Night Coronation Mordenvale

^ King Niáll will be in attendance
* Queen Sabine will be in attendance