Royal Household of the 35th Crown of Lochac

King Niall inn Orkeneyski and Queen Sabine du Bourbonnais

lochac royals

Countess Engelin Teufel –

King Niall and Queen Sabine are one of the few platonic couples to serve the Kingdom of Lochac as Crown.  As such, they wish to spend their Reign promoting the virtues and benefits of contesting Crown for a platonic consort.  Their Royal Guard has been chosen from among Lochac’s Order of Chivalry and is formed of Knights who have either fought for platonic consorts in the past or whom Their Majesties would like to encourage to consider doing so in the future. These Sirs will no doubt prove to be wonderful ambassadors to foster discussions on the value of platonic consorts, in particular, to cogitate on how ‘Just Goode Friends’ may inspire each other to serve the Kingdom.

Royal Guard:
Sir Liadan ingen Fheradaig – Captain of the Guard
Sir Leofric Willoughby de Broke – Queen’s Champion
Sir Ragnar Magnusson
Sir Wulfgar Jarnsida
Sir Guilliame de Oze
Sir Henri de Monferrant
Sir Radbot von Borg
Sir Clement von Arlon
Sir Benedict of York
Sir Andreas Reinhardt

Baroness Ginevra  – King’s Archer
Lady Kathelyn Berghart  – Queen’s Archer
Lorcan Ruadh – King’s Fencer
Baron Master Bos Lobo deOrskay – Queen’s Fencer: 

Royal Attendants:
Lady Philippa Wildefuhel – Head Attendant
Lord James Yale
Lady Salaberge de Granson
Mistress Clara van der Maes
Baroness Angele de Savigny
Baron Dallan ua Lorccain
Mistress Felice d’Avignon
Lord Jon the Carpenter
Lady Safiyya Fiore de Rabatta
Lady Olivia dei Medici

Queen’s Wardrobe Mistress:  Marie la Croix
Queen’s Master Jeweller: Master Leofric Willoughby de Broke
King’s Wardrobe Mistress:  Jarlskona Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdóttir
King’s Gamekeeper:   Lord William de Perham