Altani Khaligu Yeke Khatun Kinggiyadai Khagan
Reign Style Late 13th Century Mongol Empire Late 13th Century Mongol Empire
Preferred Titles My Yeke Khatun (2nd person),
The Yeke Khatun (3rd person singular)
My Khagan (2nd person),
The Khagan (3rd person singular)
Home group Rowany Rowany
Personal Heraldry Azure, in pale three otters statant within a bordure embattled argent Azure, three billets one and two paly argent and sable each anciently crowned Or
Preferred Colours blue & white, red & black red & black, blue & white
Food and Beverage Preferences Likes vegetables. Almost anything in the dumpling/sandwich/pie taxonomic families
Foods to Avoid meat & fruit combinations (meat & currants, etc.), fish. Eggplant, Tofu
Medical needs and Allergies None (self-managed) None (self-managed)
Gifts Otter-related Decorated fabric bags (pref with maker’s name)
Tea Black (variety) with milk and no sugar. Never a ‘Grey’ variety. Black (variety) with a little honey (or one sugar), lemon if convenient. Never a ‘Grey’ variety.
Coffee Weak skim flat white, extra hot. No sugar Doesn’t drink coffee
Other Beverages Coke: no sugar
Alcohol: Sweet & light (moscato)
Sekanjabin cordial or other lightly flavoured water
Alcohols: Sweet rather than dry.