November Crown Entrants

Greetings, Imperial subjects, from Kinggiyadai II Khagan and Altani II Yeke Khatun.

We would like to proclaim it far and wide that Lochac’s combatants and consorts who will strive to become Our Heirs during Spring Crown Tournament ASLIII in the Shire of Bordescros are as follows (listed in Order of Precedence of each pair):

1. Jarl Niall inn Orkneyski for Mistress Sabine du Bourbonnais

2. Duke Eirikr Thorinsson for Esther Thorinsson

3. Countess Eva von Danzig and Count Felix Arnett von Danzig fighting for each other

4. Jarlskona Halla Hrafnsdottir for Jarl Thorolfr Brandsson

5. Strategos Ariston Hegelochou for Lady Anna von der Ron

6. Master Cormac Lenihan for Mistress Elspeth Caerwent

7. Master Ianto van Diemen for Baroness Vitez Tatiana

8. Master Bernard Sterling for Baroness Madeleine de Eyncourt

9. Orlok Hanbal al Barbari for Baroness Ute von Tangermunde

10. Sir Kitan von Falkenburg for Baroness Alesia du Cheval Blanc

11. Lord Otto Sex Burger for Mistress Ursula von Memmingen (WITHDRAWN).

12. Master Iames Douglas for Lady Mathilde de Lilburne

13. Master Andreas Reinhardt for Mistress Ceara Shionnach (WITHDRAWN)

14. Lord Tim of Newton for Lady Linet of Falcon’s Rest

15. Lady Jayne Hunter for Lady Mirabel Gellatley

16. Lord Robert Campbell for Lady Kolgríma Hrafnsdóttir