Branwen Steffan
Reign Style Tudor Tudor
Preferred Titles Her Majesty / Queen His Majesty /  King
Home group Northern Reaches Northern Reaches
Personal Heraldry
Gules ermined, three roses within a bordure dovetailed Or
Quarterly azure and Or, a griffin passant sable between three crosses fleury counter changed
Preferred Colours Red, Red and….Red Blue and Yellow
Food and Beverage Preferences Chocolate, Coffee, non-carbonated drinks, low salt Meat, Coffee, Cider, low salt
Foods to Avoid Seafood, red meat, pork, offal, chilli / peppers family (e.g. chilli, capsicum), heavy egg dishes Honey, offal, mead, pork (except bacon)
Medical needs and Allergies Allergic to Seafood, deathly.
Asthma, self-managed
Access to power point for CPAP machine if overnight
Gifts No smelly things please
Other Preferences
How they take their Coffee White and 1 good teaspoon of sugar White no sugar
Little things that make a difference Not an alcoholic drinker, likes holding the babies