November Crown Requirements

Concerned for the welfare of Our Kingdom should these future predictions come to pass.  We feel it necessary to conduct a Crown Tournament to find Heirs.  The good Barony of Ynys Fawr have agreed to make the necessary arrangements and provide a spectacle to celebrate Our successors.  With this in mind We feel it important the requirements for the Crown Tournament are declared.

  • Combatants bring your best weapon format and bring honour to the Kingdom of Lochac. No matter the number of combatants, this will be a round robin tournament with the 2 competitors having the most wins during the round robin, meeting in a final conducted as a best of 3.   The victor will have had the opportunity to test their might against all comers and the other combatants will know they had the best opportunity to represent the Kingdom as King and Queen.  No one is out in two having a brew.
  • As the role of King and Queen is one of service to the Kingdom, as such, We require both combatant and consort to have given an hour of service since November Crown 2016 which shows their commitment to the Kingdom of Lochac. This service can take many forms and We encourage you to contact Us if you feel you need clarification.
  • The Crown and Kingdom benefit greatly from the diversity within the Kingdom. Your active engagement demonstrates your willingness to lead by example.  Please share with us any events attended and/or offices held in the Kingdom of Lochac since November Crown 2016.
  • We would ask you provide an image of both the combatant and consorts heraldry. If you have registered arms you should find a copy of your arms here.   If you do not have current heraldry it is a great opportunity to consult the Kingdom Heralds and create your arms.
  • Finally We would ask you to provide a photo of yourselves (suitably attired) that you are happy to have published. It is good for the Kingdom to see those who may become the future King and Queen of Lochac.

You will find the Lochac Laws for Crown Tournament here on page 6.  You must meet the Kingdom eligibility requirements.

We would like those wishing to contest the Spring Crown Tournament to send a letter of intent by the 28th October to, two weeks prior to the Crown Tournament.  We will inform the combatants and their consorts of their competition within a few days and release the list to the populace of Lochac on the 3rd November, one week before the Crown Tournament.