Names: Ariston Hegelochou and Lilavati Metoike
Home Group: Baronies of Rowany & Innilgard (Sydney, NSW and Adelaide, SA)
The Reign: Dates: 7 January 2017 – 22 July 2017

Successor Era Seleucid Empire

Chamberlain: Chamberlain is Lady Anna von der Ron
Can’t Eat (i.e. allergies): Ariston: None

Lilavati: Mint. Please avoid having it, or anything smelling of it anywhere near her as it causes severe migraines

Won’t Eat (i.e. don’t like): Ariston: Coriander

Lilavati: Bananas, lentils, very spicy food, blue cheese, and wine.

Preferred Drinks: Ariston: coffee (white), tea (black,1 sugar), wine.

Lilavati: coffee (short black, no sugar), beer, coke.

Preferred Foods: Ariston: meat, fresh fruit, cheese, nuts

Lilavati: meat, pies, antipasto

Would like (i.e. useful gifts): In general, anything Ancient Greek. Handmade items, Ancient Greek accessories, tablet woven trim (esp. ancient Greek patterns), embroidery, period games, Period fibulae, clasps, pins, buttons, fabric