Crown Prince Ariston and Crown Princess Lilavati

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess

Ariston Hegelochou & Lilavati Metoike

Chamberlain: Anna

Meet the Heirs!

His Royal Highness Ariston is an early 3rd century Macedonian of the Seleucid Empire (modernly from Syria to Afghanistan). His byname ‘Hegelochou’ means ‘vanguard’, a a name given to Him for his feats of cunning on the warfield. He was invited to knighthood by Jarl Niáll inn Orkneyski and Duchess Liadan ingen Fheradaig and knighted by Kinggiyadai Noyan and Altani Khalighu Bekhi in AS 49. His focus in the society is Successor era Greek and Macedonian history and enjoys heavy fighting, the creation of armor, period games, and has a particular interest in cultural history.

His preferred beverages are black tea (with a little sugar), white coffee & good beer of all varieties.

Her Royal Highness Lilavati is an early 3rd century Indian of the Mauryan Empire (modernly Pakistan and Northern India). Metoike means ‘foreigner’, a name She took after Her marriage to Ariston caused Her to move to the foreign lands of the Greeks. Her interests are in historical attitudes to and practise of magic and spirituality on the Ancient world, Ancient Indian cultural history, and original research. In the Society, She enjoys running tourney lists and meeting people of a variety of different interests and specialties.

Her preferred beverages are short, black coffee, and nice beer.

They both love ancient period food (Hellenistic, classical, Roman, Indian, Persian, etc.) and are always willing to branch out and try new things. Unfortunately Her Highness is very allergic to mint, and cannot drink wine.

The theme for Their reign will be in keeping with the Successor Era Empires (the empires that arose after the death of Alexander the Great), and the colours of the royal Household will be purple and gold. However, Their Highnesses want to celebrate the diversity that is the SCA, and as such  want to see the best of what your interests inspire you to be and create.

In Service to the Dream,

Ariston and Lilavati
Diadochi (Successors)