Gilbert and Bethony
Home Group: Krae Glas
The Reign: Dates: 15 Jan 2016 – 16 July 2016

Style/Theme: Norse (Haithabu) transitioning through to Byzantine

Personal Heraldry/badge: Gilbert:  Argent, a polypus gules within a bordure counter-compony sable and argent

Bethony: Gules, a goat rampant and in base a bridge of three spans throughout Or

Favoured Colours: Gilbert: BLACK/red

Bethony: RED/Yellow

Can’t Eat (i.e. allergies): Gilbert: Strong aversion to coriander.

Bethony: None.

Won’t Eat (i.e. don’t like): Gilbert: Coriander

Bethony: soggy lentils.

Preferred Drinks: Gilbert: lots of water, coconut water, cordial, tea

Bethony: lots of water, tea (white, no sugar)

Preferred Foods: fish/seafood, free range meats, nuts, lots of fruit. Gilbert’s favourite food is cured/smoked fish.
Would like (i.e. useful gifts): tablet weaving, Norse accessories, fabric, bags/pouches, embroidery, hand made items
Other Likes/Dislikes Gilbert likes: fighting, looking at interesting hand made items

Bethony likes: cooking, food, fighting, looking at interesting hand made items

Both Gilbert and Bethony dislike Filk

Chamberlain: Chamberlain is Duchess Liadan (
Other information/Special instructions: They have a 1 year old daughter, Jemima, who will be with them at events. Please keep this in mind. Also please do not publicly post any photos of their daughter without permission.