Branwen Steffan
Reign Style Tudor Tudor
Preferred Titles Her Majesty / Queen His Majesty /  King
Home group Northern Reaches Northern Reaches
Personal Heraldry ermined, three roses within a bordure dovetailed Or azure and Or, a griffin passant sable between three crosses fleury counter changed
Preferred Colours Red, Red and….Red Blue and Yellow
Food and Beverage Preferences Chocolate, Coffee, non-carbonated drinks, low salt Meat, Coffee, Cider, low salt
Foods to Avoid Seafood, redmeat, pork, offal, chilli / peppers family (eg chilli, capsicum) heavy egg dishes Honey, offal, mead
Medical needs and Allergies Allergic to Seafood, deathly.

Asthma Self Managed

Access to power point for CPAP machine if overnight
Gifts No smelly things please
Other Preferences
How they take their Coffee White and 1 ‘good’ teaspoon of sugar White no sugar
Little things that make a difference Not a alcoholic drinker, likes holding the babies