Royal Preferences, Allergies and Food

Reign Style

12th Century Crusader

Home Group


Personal Heraldry

Niall:Sable, three ouroborous Or

Liadan: Gules, three ouroborous Or


Black, Red, Gold

Food & Beverage Preferences

Can’t Eat (Allergies):none Dislikes:Niall:  High carb foods. Liadan:  Seafood, hot/spicy foods. Preferred Food:Niall –  Meat, high protein diet.
Liadan – Roast chicken, roast vegetables, sweet deserts
Preferred Drinks:Niall – Ciders and beers.

Liadan – Ciders, no beers.

Other Preferences


Both enjoy heavy fighting and Her Majesty enjoys fencing.

Would like (i.e. useful gifts):

Drink bottle covers, book covers, pouches, embroidered veil or coifs, tassels, Heraldic items