Royal Preferences, Allergies and Food

Reign Style

We do not wish to have any particular theme to our reign.  However our personal style is late 15th Century German and Burgundian.

Home Group


Personal Heraldry

Felix: Per pale azure and gules, a chevron ermine between three ferrets rampant to sinister argent

Eva: Per bend sinister rayonny gules and ermine, two squirrels sejant erect respectant counterchanged


Felix- Black,Red, Blue

Eva- Red, Black

Food & Beverage Preferences

Can’t Eat (Allergies):Felix: Onion Dislikes:Both: RabbitFelix: Soups Preferred Food:Felix: Roast Meats, Chicken, Bread, CheeseEva: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Peaches, Nuts, Cheese, Olives Preferred Drinks:*Note: Royals are not heavy drinkers.Felix: CiderEva: Coffee, pear cider

 Other Preferences


Felix: Likes armouring, fighting

Eva: Likes pageantry, double elimination tournaments

Would like (i.e. useful gifts):


tournament formats which are run to be as fast as possible