Stars of Lochac

Greetings Fair People of Lochac,

Our Kingdom of Lochac consists of large swaths of land and wide seas with green islands. Each area having its own unique landscaes, cultures, customs and dreams … yet the people of this land all stand united under the Lochac banner and Her Southern Cross. Ever present in our night sky, the Southern cross have 5 stars and so too does the Kingdom of Lochac have five shining stars! Since man first look tot he heavens the stars have been used to aide in finding ones way and so too would We, the Crown of Lochac, name the 5 starts of Lochac to aid in the navigation of Our Kingdom.

  • The Crescent Isles shall represent the alnds the island natives call New Zealand
  • The Northern Reaches shall consist of lands known as Queensland
  • The Central Marches shall be comprised of the mundane state of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
  • The Southern Domain shall be the combined areas of South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria (Bordescross is in the Southern Domain)
  • The Western Shores will be the namesake for Western Australia

We did make this proclamation in Our Coronation Court in the Shire of Dragons Bay on the western Shores and did display the 5 banners representing each of the Stars of Lochac. We would ask that the names outlined aboe are used during Our Reign.

We would like to further state that this is meant to enhance game play by providing some rallying points, names and banners as the story line for Our Reign unfolds. We hope that each of the Stars of Lochac will be able to use these to generate themes for events over the next several months. We plan to have the banners flown at all events We attend and possibly lead armies into battle! So we encourage everyone to have fun with this and take it in the light hearted manner in which it is meant.

Below you will find a representation of the banners.

Kind Regards,

Siridean and Margie
20th Crown of Lochac
House Lachlan and Glen More

Northern Reaches

Crescent Isles

Central Marches

Western Shores

Southern Domain