Royal Preferences and Allergies

Reign Style

Bran – late 9th early 10th century CE Scots / Pict / Celtic

Lilya – Middle Eastern and Norse

Home Group

Bran – St Florians de la Riviere (originally from Mordenvale)

Lilya – St Florians de la Riviere

Personal Heraldry

Bran – Quarterly spiralled, Gules and Sable, on a roundel, Or, a (Celtic) boar, Sable

Lilya – Per pale azure and gules, a phoenix Or and a bordure embattled argent


Bran – Black, Red with Gold ornamentation / embellishment

Lilya – Any bold colours

Other preferences


Bran: Most foods especially sweet cider and coffee

Lilya: Most foods


Bran: Green vegetables, but I can pick them out (or just not eat them), seafood, mushrooms

Lilya: Will not eat prawns or offal

This is stuff that we do not eat, but we  request that you do not necessarily leave them from the menu, as we do not wish to  dictate what the populace can or cannot eat.


Bran: People working towards making the SCA more enjoyable for themselves
and others

Lilya: More pageantry