Royal Preferences and Allergies

Reign Style

1516-1560 Spain

Home Group

Barony of St Florian de la Riviere

Personal Heraldry

Gabriel: Per pale sable and azure, a pair of wings and a bordure argent
Constanzia: Gules, a cross of Santiago, on a chief argent three crescents sable


Gabriel: Blue/Black/White
Constanzia: Red/Black/White but fond of other rich colours

Other preferences


Gabriel: roast beef
Constanzia: Pies! Cherries/mushrooms/garlic/salami (beef). Both should eat fresh fruit!


Gabriel doesn’t like pork but will eat pork products and is not fond of mushrooms.
Constanzia: Intollerences: Pork, some mystery spices which depend on the day so please keep sauces separate from food where possible so it can be tested.
Both dislike game meat (prefer chicken, beef, lamb).


Gabriel – embroidered cuffs and collars
Constanzia: fabric – wool, silk and other items that can be used to make things.