Court Officers

Head of House

Lady Contarina la Bianca – please contact Lady Contarina first about any Royal Household business.

King’s Huscarls

Baron Master Gabriel de Beaumont
Baron Nathan Blacktower
Lord Wulfric Halvedeivel (Konga)

Queen’s Champion

Sir Ulf de Wilton

Queen’s Guard

Lady Clarice du Barre
Lord Sventa Djaknsson
Lady Antonia della Scalla

Queen’s Ladies

Lady Merewynne of Cluain
Lady Roskva of Redcliffe
Lady Katje of Rowany
Lady Erszebet Szoke from the Kingdom of Trimaris
m’lady Nicole of River Haven
m’lady Rebecca of Bacchus Wood
m’lady Hannah of Bacchus Wood

The Boffer Guard

Lord Dickon Baskin
Lord Pippin Baskin