Officers of the Court of the 7th Crown of Lochac


Sir Philippe du Lac, by Royal Warrant. (responsible for Their Majesties schedule, and any business that the populace wish to bring before Them).

Head of Court

Comitessa Asa Beiskalda (responsible for Their Majesties Court, attendants and Pennsic)

Please Note

Their Majesties request that all business before them comes to the via the Chancellor in the first instance.

Should the Chancellor not be available, please direct all business to Their Head of Court.

This applies to written correspondance, and also to court business at events. If any member of the populace has business in the court of Their Majesties, please bring it to the attention of the Chancellor or the Head of Court at the event.

Should neither of these gentles be at the event with Their Majesties, please approach the Herald.

Should the populace choose only to bring matters directly to the attention of Their Majesties and exclude the Chancellor, Head of Court, or Herald, their business may not be added to the court schedule.

Ladies in Waiting

  • Lady Elisabetta von Regensburg
  • Lady Branwyn ap Thomas
  • The Honourable Lady Artemisia de Quieto d’Arventa
  • Lady Contarina la Bianca

Knight Counsellor

Earl Sir Draco av Jorvik

Royal Warrants

  • Viscountess Mistress Gabriella della Santa Croche — Royal Tailor
  • Master Ian van Deiman — Royal Brewer
  • The Honourable Lady Leonie de Grey — Royal Scrivener


Royal Preferences and Allergies

Foods to Avoid

Her Majesty can not consume dairy products or gluten.