Officers of the Court of the 5th Crown of Lochac

Head of House

Mistress Baroness Glynhvar of River Haven

Knight Counsellor

Admiral Sir Baron Agro Agwesi

Queens Champion

Lord Wendell von Bayen

Queen’s Guard

Master Baron Bran Torc Dubh Mac Brude
Lady Der Draigen Rhuidd
Lord Kitan von Falconberg, esq.
Lord Torum the Hasty, esq.
Lord Jock McTavish, esq.

Mead Guard

Lord Rugen Axegrinder, esq.
Master Baron Ianto van Dieman
Lord Steffan Glaube
Lord Carbeus de Lyon, esq.
Lord Lorcan of River Haven, esq.

Royal Preferences and Allergies


Purple (Serena), Red (Draco)

Preferred Beverages

Stones Ginger Beer (Serena), Pils Lager (Draco)

Preferred Foods

Sugary dishes & Mash potato (Serena), Meat dishes (Draco). Basic, hearty meals (Both)

Foods to Avoid

All things from the ocean, offal, dishes containing bones (both Serena & Draco). Mushrooms (Draco). Aniseed (Serena)

Preferred SCA Activities

A&S – fibre/clothing related (Serena), Fighting (Draco)