Officers of the Court of the 4th Crown of Lochac

Chief Ministers

Lady Judith Fletcher of Wellow & Lord Sean the Barstard

Judith and Sean manage the official business of the Royalty – scheduling meetings and audiences, and liaising with event stewards and heralds regarding court business. They also manage non-confidential correspondence. If you have official business to conduct with Their Majesties, you might very well find yourself in contact with Judith or Sean. They can be contacted by email on John.Dunne (at) ndcglobal dot com

Heads of Court

Sir Gui Landgraf von Oberhausen & Viscountess Ælfled of Otterburne

Ælfled and Gui co-ordinate the Royal Household – ensuring that Their Majesties have sufficient attendants and delegates to make their job as smooth as possible. contact Gui: Gui (at) sca dot org dot au, or Ælfled: krowell (at) conmusic dot usyd dot edu dot au

Knight Councillor

Sir Ulf de Wilton

Ulf counsels Her Majesty and her Guard. He is predominantly responsible for encouraging a high level of chivalry and courtesy in all members of the guard and maintaining the appearance of the guard upon the field (ie, at Festival, shouting “Oi, come on, war starts in 15 minutes!”). The guard should feel free to ask the Counsellor any questions they have pertaining to the Chivalry and discussions on the nature of Chivalry are to be encouraged.

Queen’s Champion

Master Halfdaene

Mistress of Her Majesty’s Ladies

Mistress Alys

Alys acts as counsellor to the Ladies of the Bedchamber – dispensing wisdom and advising the love-lorn. If you seek an introduction to any of Her Majesty’s Ladies, contact Alys, and she will ensure that a suitably chaperoned meeting is arranged. Provided, of course, that you meet her exacting standards of manner and prospects.

Ladies of the Bedchamber

Lady Maeve ni Iasachta
Lady Aeron Lasair
Lady Anicia de Lynn
Mistress Bethan of Brockwood
Lady Finnabhair an Einigh ui Binnech
Hunydd verch Madyn Duy

Ministers of the Progress

Tethuin le Noir
Annabel Swinburne

Keepers of His Majesty’s Wardrobe

Mistress Gabriella & Master Bartolemeo